Our Name & Logo
Vai Hair Salon

We’ve had loads of questions about our name and logo….. so if you’re interested here’s what it all

Why “Vai”?....... It’s a Portuguese word which translates to English as “Go”.

Why Portuguese?..... Well that’s the native language of our inspirational founder and stylist extraordinaire, Clea. She’s from Brazil and has brought all of the fantastic zest for life that country has to offer to New Zealand where she’s now unleashing it to create the phenomenal hair styling experience that is Vai Hair Salon.

Why “Go”…… Our salon has been created to be quick and nimble and always on the move. That’s why you will find us in several locations across lower Northland. (Check out our location schedule)

Why is there a weird green thingy in the middle of the name?...... That represents the leaf of the Cupuacu tree (pronounced coopoo-ah-soo). Not only is it native to the Amazon but its rich delicious fruit is the national fruit of Brazil (a nod to our founders homeland)…… and heres the best bit; its seeds are pressed to extract a nutrient-rich fat that’s shipped all over the world to be used in hair and beauty treatments. So what does the logo mean?.......... The logo shows two stylish figures with flowing locks and funky facial hair. They represent YOU, our fantastic clients; male, female and everything else – Everyone is welcome in Vai Hair Salon. There’s also a scissors (fairly self explanatory) and a set of wheels to show we are on the move…… Look closely at the logo and see if you can see the word “Vai” hidden in the design.